You have no authority of my kindness! I have taken yours, not to be mine, and as such hated yours. It is not yours, thus.

You complete nothing. You aren't I. And, as I say and said, You are, not. So, with God, I prayed, to destroy. And create. So, Godly, of the world, and of God's.

During this time of war, I was the one leading the country away from it, towards God. If you need help, I'm here and there and everywhere, as a representative of the United Kingdom, a new United Kingdom position, called Taylor Swift, Mina INC lol see you soon and now and always it's a thing, big thing for the community of whom and where and why and how come and why not and willn't and mayn't and shouldn't and hadn't I had that opportunity to have chanced

MI6's Mina 2024